Financial Management Services

Our financial management services include monthly accounting, financial statements, invoicing, accounts payable and receivable, tax services and payroll services. Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding our accounting services.


Our accounting services include the following:

  • saving and posting of monthly transactions
  • payment transactions
  • cost monitoring and control
  • financial statements
  • tax declarations
  • Itella TYVI –services

Payroll services

High-quality payroll services are one of the most important internal services of a company since a successful payroll management maintains employees trust towards the company. Our payroll services include the following:

  • monthly and hourly wages
  • income certificates
  • holiday allowances
  • annual declarations

Account payable and receivable

Account payable and receivable are the most common functions related to payment control. Our account payable and receivable include the following:

  • sales ledgers and purchase ledgers
  • warehouse control
  • payment posting
  • matching the payables and receivables
  • transfers to accounting


Our invoicing services include the following:

  • Sales invoicing
  • project follow-up
  • transfers to accounts receivable and accounting
  • customer registers